Capital Improvement Projects

The Industry Public Utilities Waterworks System is committed to enhancing the condition of its water system through wise and sound investments in capital improvement projects. These investments will ensure that the water system will deliver high quality water to its customers long into the future.

Some of the recent water system investments include:

Groundwater Treatment Plant

In Progress

This project will consist of designing and constructing a groundwater treatment facility at the San Fidel Wellfield to treat for the potential constituents of Perchlorate, VOCs, NDMA, and 1,4-Dioxane. The project is currently in the feasibility and design phase, with the anticipated completion in late 2023.

Lomitas Generator

In Progress

Purchase of a new generator to replace the existing generator at the Lomitas Water Facilities Site. The current generator provides backup power to the Lomitas pump station.

Don Julian & Basetdale Waterline Improvement Project


Construct approximately 900 feet of 10-inch Ductile Iron Pipe on Don Julian Rd. to loop distribution system to Basetdale Ave. increase fire flow and supply reliability to the surrounding area.

Starhill Ln. & 3rd Ave. Waterline Improvement Project


Replace approximately 520 feet of 4-inch Steel on Starhill Ln. with 8-inch Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) due to historical leak frequencies. Replace 913 feet of 6-inch & 8-inch Steel on 3rd Ave. with 8-inch DIP to improve Fire Flow deficiencies. Construct approximately 420 feet of 8-inch Ductile Iron Pipe to loop distribution system on 3rd. Ave. with Loumont St. and increase fire flow to the surrounding area.

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